A more in-depth look at the Caline Orange Burst and a new Video.


The Caline is a excellent value for the money $$$, 30 to 40 Canadian Dollars at this time on eBay, Pictured above the insides of the orange burst are filled with through-hole components including two Texas Instrument TL072  dual opamps, metal resistors and nice film capacitors.

Through-hole components aren’t necessarily standard on budget pedals, but are a great find and make future modifications, like diode clipping swaps or opamp placeholders much easier. *As a note, the only mod i might do to this pedal is attach a new 9 volt battery clip, as frankly the pedal sounds great and I don’t plan on changing the components on mine personally.

To be fair, I don’t own the original bb preamp, but if this is any indication, I would not hesitate to buy one, if the sound of the Caline is any indication.

It is very versatile and is great right up to a mid crunch. The active eq’s mean that you can mimic a ts style pedal, use it as more of a preamp, or dial in more of amp like tone boosting the bass and treble.

I would not hesitate buying one again if this broke tomorrow, although i wouldn’t expect it to!

In my latest video you can here the orange burst as an overdrive, stacked with a fuzz and as a preamp into a fx loop of an amp. Let me know what you think of this pedal? Does it sound good as a preamp? Enjoy!


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