Tools. Every guitarist should have some basic tools, especially if your want to save money!

Since this blog is about budget gear, making things cheaper for us regular guys and gals, having some basic tools and learning about gear will go a long way towards your satisfaction, tone and longevity with your musical journey.

I have a tool bag just for my guitars and pedals: The bag itself was free, part of larger construction kit, but you could use just about any bag or tool box.

In the picture, I feature a very important and often overlooked item. Lemon Oil (there are alternatives). Lemon Oil is great for cleaning and keeping guitar necks from getting to dry. Some people will also keep steel wool for buffing the guitar frets

When I started playing, I didn’t really know much about guitar maintenance. I, like most people, have paid for string changes and setups. But the easiest way to learn about guitar maintenance is join a band and or go to local jam nights in your town and finding someone knowledgeable and willing to teach some basic things.

I keep, screw drivers, small wrenches, pliers (needle nose), Allen keys, soldering iron, electrical testing meter (multi-meter), wire cutter, and anything I get with guitars I have bought. Optional items include; a speed tuner to help with restringing, a wire stripper, torx bits, electrical tape and extra components I have collected over the years (extra 1/4″ jacks etc).

You don’t have to spend a fortune. On eBay, one could buy an Ammoon tool kit with most of what you’d need for cheap. But Frankly, it may be as cheap, but quicker and easier to use the dollar store, garage sales, Kijiji and anywhere else deals can be had. You don’t have to spend a fortune.

*As a side note soldering is a great skill to learn and its not that hard. Things to consider, are soldering stands and wire holders with alligators clips, magnifying glasses, de-solder pump. You can use soldering to fix pickups, pedals, switches, jacks and more. And the more you practice, the easier modifications get, helping you archive your holy grail tone.

If you have read this far, I plan on opening a new section on my website to start a mod business to help guitarists out. B.A.M. Brush Audio Modifications

I have an overdrive prototyped, I have sold a few, but the original I lent to my father who taught me how to play and now he won’t give it back and he’s not even a pedal enthusiast! lol. Also, I have made a germanium fuzz face for myself using A pair of Japanese 2SB transistors ( HFE of 80 and 115). The circuit is simple and the pedal sounds great. The bonus, the cost to build is way less than boutique manufacturers want for recreations.

Ok, enough plugging myself, lol. I can’t wait to upload sound sample via YouTube for the pedals in the near future. So Like, Subscribe and Enjoy!


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