Caline Pure Sky Teaser Video and Review.

The Caline Pure Sky is great budget overdrive pedal from Caline. I really like the Caline pedals I have (orange burst, pure sky and rock face) and I plan on getting more of them. Supposedly the Caline Pure Sky is based on a timmy transparent overdrive, but there are a few differences with the Caline copy.  The biggest being that the eq section is active –  cut or boost and the timmy has more of a bass and treble rolloff.

The pedal is very amp like. I am not sure I like the term transparent, but it’s definitely a pedal that will let your guitar tone stay intact while adding boost and grit.

The Caline pedals I have are amazing value for money. Paying just over $30 and getting a metal body, quality components and hole through construction for mod-ability is great. But, most importantly they sound great. I did a little teaser video for the Pure Sky. I am going to do a more indepth video 🙂 But for now, please enjoy!

For this video i used a Frankenstrat, a Bugera 333 combo on the clean channel, the Caline Pure Sky with a little delay and chorus provided by the Joyo Dseed and the Nux Mod Core








3 thoughts on “Caline Pure Sky Teaser Video and Review.

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    1. Thank you for your interest. I plan on setting up an interface and trying out a variety of microphones , preamps, di’s and. more.. I am sure it will make a big difference in the sound quality. Cheers Jeff


      1. Yeah there are some inexpensive computer interface is out there even if you just got a single input And then overdub your commentary .

        but yeah whatever you do I was just thinking how it would be cool to just have a consistent gauge on what various pedal sound like. Because when you look on the Internet or you go to reverb or all the little videos that people have of all the various petals and stuff everyone is using a different amp a different guitar a different microphone different pick ups everyone’s got to announce all the variations that they’re using is if I really know what each component is adding to or subtracting from the bias of the sound.
        I mean even if it’s the same guy reviewing a bunch of different panels it seems like every view he has to use a different guitar a different amp a different cord it’s got these pick ups I’m running it through this microphone.

        And yeah I get an idea of what the pedal sounds like, but with all those other fucking considerations like I’m thinking to myself I don’t give a shit about all that other crap I’m not reviewing your pick ups. I’m not worried about whether not I want to buy that guitar you’re using or that microphone you’re using or that amp. I’m watching year review because I’m interested in what the pedal sounds like and what it does. So it would be cool if there was one person who sets up there recording apparatus and does it the same every single time and the only thing that changes is the pedal itself.

        That way I would have a baseline to be able to tell the difference is in the various petals

        I don’t really have time in my life or I would probably make a series of videos. But maybe you’re thinking along the same lines or can appreciate what I’m saying so rock on.


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