Joyo Ultimate Drive Video With Mod! The Joyo Ultimate Drive is a clone of the Fulltone OCD. It is a very dynamic overdrive. The Joyo Ultimate Drive sounds great unmodified so there is no need to learn to solder just to fix it, but to my ears it sounded a little dark and harsh pre-mod and much improved after. However... Continue Reading →


Follow me on Instagram now!

I'm on Instagram as @lofibrushaudio I have been working on a few new ideas, so it's about time I get some new articles posted and upland some new youtube content! With all the recent news about Gibson, maybe my SG should make an appearance? Yep definitely!

From Superfuzz to Hyperfuzz and back!

OK, I just uploaded my first YouTube video about the behringer superfuzz this morning. So why am I still writing about the superfuzz? Well, I am not...., not exactly writing about the one I demoed today, I am actually writing about all three of them. Lets talk about the Boss Hyperfuzz, it's the reason I... Continue Reading →

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