Caline Pure Sky Teaser Video and Review. The Caline Pure Sky is great budget overdrive pedal from Caline. I really like the Caline pedals I have (orange burst, pure sky and rock face) and I plan on getting more of them. Supposedly the Caline Pure Sky is based on a timmy transparent overdrive, but there are a few differences with the... Continue Reading →


A more in-depth look at the Caline Orange Burst and a new Video.

The Caline is a excellent value for the money $$$, 30 to 40 Canadian Dollars at this time on eBay, Pictured above the insides of the orange burst are filled with through-hole components including two Texas Instrument TL072  dual opamps, metal resistors and nice film capacitors. Through-hole components aren't necessarily standard on budget pedals, but... Continue Reading →

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