Tools. Every guitarist should have some basic tools, especially if your want to save money!

Since this blog is about budget gear, making things cheaper for us regular guys and gals, having some basic tools and learning about gear will go a long way towards your satisfaction, tone and longevity with your musical journey. I have a tool bag just for my guitars and pedals: The bag itself was free,... Continue Reading →


A more in-depth look at the Caline Orange Burst and a new Video.

The Caline is a excellent value for the money $$$, 30 to 40 Canadian Dollars at this time on eBay, Pictured above the insides of the orange burst are filled with through-hole components including two Texas Instrument TL072  dual opamps, metal resistors and nice film capacitors. Through-hole components aren't necessarily standard on budget pedals, but... Continue Reading →

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