A more in-depth look at the Caline Orange Burst and a new Video.

The Caline is a excellent value for the money $$$, 30 to 40 Canadian Dollars at this time on eBay, Pictured above the insides of the orange burst are filled with through-hole components including two Texas Instrument TL072  dual opamps, metal resistors and nice film capacitors. Through-hole components aren't necessarily standard on budget pedals, but... Continue Reading →


Caline Orange Burst Pedal (BB Preamp Clone!)

The Caline Orange Burst Pedal is a clone of the BB Preamp. It is supposedly modeled off the Marshall Blues Breaker Type Amp Sound. In this video, you can hear the basics of what to expect from this pedal on it's own using a cab sim. You can use it as a overdrive pedal and... Continue Reading →

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